Matariki Inspired POSCA Rock Project


Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars (also known as the Pleiades) that appear in the night sky and signify the start of the Māori New Year.

During Matariki, whānau come together to share food, remember those who have passed, celebrate life and look towards the future.

What you will need for this project

- Rocks

- Black Acrylic Paint

- Paint Brush (I used a Size 12 Round brush but it just depends how big your rocks are)

- Gold/Silver Metallic POSCA Pens (either Ultra-fine Pin Tip (PC-1MR) or Ultra-fine Round Tip (PC-1M))*

*I found that the Ultra-fine Round Tip (PC-1M) worked a lot better on the rocks as the nib was able to run smoothly and didn't block up.

Step One:

Step One: If your rocks are a bit grubby give them a wash and dry off before you start painting them.

Using a scrap bit of paper place your rock down and begin painting your rock black. If you would like your picture to carry on to the other side allow some time to let the paint dry before you flip it over.

Allow the acrylic paint to fully dry out before you start your POSCA masterpiece and this will help the nibs of the POSCA pens run smoother.

Step Two: 

Step Two: Draw on your rocks with the POSCA Pens and see how many different star designs you can make. The Metallic POSCA pens are perfectly suited to this project as they shine ✨ 

If you like you can varnish your masterpiece with either a Matte or a Gloss spray varnish to give it a protective layer.




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